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English teaching books and publications produced by the Office of English Language Programs of the U.S. Department of State are available for purchases through the Public Affairs Section.

More detailed description can be found at http://eca.state.gov/education/engteaching/pubs/

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. State Department Publications List


All prices are listed in Ukrainian Hryvnias 


Book Price Available materials to accompany books
About the USA (Intermediate/Advanced) 20.00
American Citizenship (Pamphlet)   8.00
American Life and Institutions (Intermediate/Advanced) (Old Edition)   8.00
American Life and Institutions (Intermediate/Advanced) (New Edition) 22.00
By the People, For the People (U.S. Government & Citizenship, Intermediate/Advanced) 15.00
Discover America (Advanced) 30.00 2 Tapes of 90-min
Family Album, USA. Book 1-4 Classroom Book 10.00 each
Family Album, USA. Teacher’s Edition   8.00 each
Family Album, USA. Viewer’s Guide 1 (Ep.1-13) 18.00
Family Album, USA. Viewer’s Guide 2 (Ep.14-26) 18.00
Tuning in the USA. Volume1 (Advanced Listening) 15.00 3 Tapes of 90-min each
Tuning in the USA. Volume2 (Advanced Listening) 15.00 3 Tapes of 90-min each
About America: How the U.S. is Governed   5.00
About America: The Constitution of the United States of America with Explanatory Notes 10.00
About America: Women of Influence 15.00
Abraham Lincoln 15.00
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (Intermediate) 15.00
Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (Intermediate) 15.00
America Is (American People and Their Values in Photos)   6.00
American Patchwork (American Short Stories) 15.00
American Perspectives: The United States in the Modern Age (Advanced) 12.00
American Popular Music (Pamphlet) New Edition 16.00
American Theatre (Pamphlet)   3.00
Art on the Edge (17 Contemporary American Artists) 15.00
Arts in America (Pamphlet) 15.00
Autobiography of Mark Twain (Intermediate) 15.00
Barack Obama in His Own Words   6,00
Barack Obama: 44-th President of the USA   5,00
Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy (Advanced)   6.50
Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy: Teachers Guide   3.00
Being People (Anthology; Advanced) 29.00
Celebrate Holidays in the USA (High-intermediate/Advanced) 30.00
Crown of Eagles: The Life Stories of Ten Famous American Indians   3.50
Currents in: American Scholarship Series   3.50 each
Declaration of Independence   4.00
Design for Drama: Short Plays from American Literature   8.00
Early American Reader, An (Advanced) 27.00
Essays on African-American History, Culture and Society 25.00
Gift of the Magi and Other Stories by O. Henry (Intermediate) + CD 15.00
Highlights of American Literature (Advanced) 30.00
Historians on American (Pamphlet) 15.00
Human Rights IN BRIEF   8.00
Making America: Reader’s Guide   3.50
Making America: The Society & Culture of the US (Advanced) 15.50
Nineteenth Century American Reader, A (Advanced) 25.00
Outline of American Geography 10.00
Outline of American Literature   4.00
Outline of American Literature (Revised Edition) 22.00
Outline of the U.S. Economy 22.00
Outline of the U.S. Government 10.00
Outline of the U.S. History (new) 25.00
Outline of the U.S. Legal System 25.00
Plays for Reading: Using Drama in ELF (Advanced/Teacher Training) 14.00
Pop Culture versus Real America 16.00
Raggedy Ann Stories (Short stories for children) 10.00
Red Badge of Courage and  Other Stories by Stephen Crane (Intermediate) + CD 15.00
Rights of the People (Pamphlet)    3.50
Sketchbook USA (Pamphlet About American People) 15.00
Sports in America (Pamphlet)   5.00
Teacher’s Guide & Glossary to U.S. Constitution   5.00
To Build a Fire and Other Stories by Jack London (Intermediate) 15.00
Twentieth-Century American Reader (Advanced Reader and Reference) 25.00
USA Economy IN BRIEF   8.00
USA Education IN BRIEF 10.00
USA Elections IN BRIEF 10.00
USA History IN BRIEF   3.00
U.S. History In Brief: Learner English Edition (with CD) 40.00 CD-ROM
USA Literature IN BRIEF   3.00
We the People (200 Years of American Constitution)   1.00
We the People (The Constitution of the USA with Explanatory Notes)   2.00
Writers on America (15 reflections)   4.00
Changing Perspectives, book 1 25.00 1 Tape of 90-min
Changing Perspectives, book 2 22.00
Changing Times, Changing Tenses (Review of Tense System)   8.00 1 Tape of 90-min
In The Loop: A Reference Guide to American English Idioms 14.00
English Grammar and Technical Writing 25.00
Are You Listening? (Recorded Selections from the English Teaching Forum)   7.00 2 Tapes of 90-min each
Close-Up (A Photomotivational Text)   4.00
Day by Day. Oral Skills Practice Book (Intermediate)   6.00 1 Tape of 60-min
Dialogs for Everyday Use   8.00 1 Tape of 90-min
Edgar Allan Poe: Storyteller (Adapted Short Stories) + CD  18.00 3 Tapes of 90-min each
  Experiencing English (for Beginning Students of EFL)   6.00 1 Tape of 60-min
  Growing in Courage (Stories for Young Readers) 15.00
If You Feel Like Singing (Songs; Intermediate)   7.00 1 Tape of 90-min
Kaleidoscope: EFL Activities in Speaking & Writing (Advanced)   5.50
Letter Writing in English (Intermediate)   3.50
Lighter Side of TEFL, The (Fun Activities, New Edition) 25.00 1 Tape of 60-min
Mind Speaks to Mind (Essays, Advanced)   5.00
More Dialogs for Everyday Use   8.00 1 Tape of 90-min
Old Favorites for All Ages: Songs (Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced) 10.00 1 Tape of 90-min
Portraits in Words (Advanced) 11.00 1 Tape of 60-min
Seven of Note (Brief Biographies of Famous American Authors)   4.50 2 Tapes of 60-min
Sing Out Loud: Children’s Song CD 10.00
Sing Out Loud: Traditional Songs CD 10.00
Talking English (Conversational Practice) 15.00 1 Tape of 60-min
Varieties of American English   4.00 1 Tape of 90-min
Way It Is, The (Beginning Listening)   4.50 1 Tape of 60-min
World English Student book (Levels 1-6) 11.00 22 Tapes of 90-min each for all levels
World English Teacher’s book (Levels 1-6) 15.00 each
World English Workbook (Levels 1-6)   5.00 each
Bright Ideas: A Teacher’s Resource Manual (Methodology) 12.00
Children’s Response, The (TPR, Methodology for Teaching Children Listening, Speaking)   6.00
Creative Classroom Activities (English Teaching Forum 1989-1993) 25.00
Developing Writing (Beginning/Intermediate) 18.00
Dialogue Journal Writing with Non-native English Speakers: A Handbook for Teachers   6.50
Dynamic English (Articles about Changes with English Language) 12.00
FORUM English Teaching Magazine 2007-2008   5.00 each
From Practice to Performance: A Manual of Teacher Training Workshop Activities in 2 Volumes) 15.00 each
Growing Up With English (Techniques and Classroom Activities Aimed at Young Learners) 32.00
Landmarks of American Language and Linguistics. Volume I (Theoretical, Applied Linguistics; Methodology) 20.00
Landmarks of American Language and Linguistics. Volume II (Theoretical, Applied Linguistics; Methodology) 25.00
Lighter Side of TEFL, The CD/Book 25.00
Language Teaching Methods (Theoretical, Applied Linguistics; Methodology) DVD Set 32.00 Reading CD+2 DVD
Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary 15.00
Reference Guide to English (A Handbook of ESL, Intermediate/Advanced) 25.00
Responses to English for Specific Purposes (Intermediate/Advanced) 25.00
Shaping the Way We Teach English: Successful Practices Around the World (Manual) 40.00 Reading CD+3 DVD
Shaping the Way We Teach English: Successful Practices Around the World (Manual) 50.00 Reading CD+2 Videocassettes
Teacher Development: Making the Right Moves 25.00
Teaching Jazz Chants to Young Learners (Pronunciation; Classroom Techniques, Teacher’s Manual) 15.00
American Studies Wall Maps 7.00
WordScapes (Folder with mini-posters & Teacher’s Guide) 20.00
USA Map with Facts in Brief (Updated version) 5.00
Economic Considerations (Advanced Level Textbook on Applied Economics) 25.00
Language of Trade   3.00
What is a Market Economy?   4.50
How About: Science and Technology Reports   6.00 1 Tape of 60-min
American Wall maps   7.00
Forum Poster Set   7.00
Picture U.S. 40.00
NOTE: If you wish to have a copy of the recording, please bring blank cassette(s) to the ETRC.Books can be purchased at the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section and at the English Teaching Resource Center (ETRC), 2 Skovorody St., Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, building #3, room #121; etrc_kyiv@yahoo.comMore detailed description can be found at http://eca.state.gov/education/engteaching/pubs/


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