Classroom Sets for Loan

Classroom Sets of Textbooks (set of 10-20 books)

Book loans are free of charge. Members may borrow a set of 10-20 books of the below-listed titles for up to five months. An official request from your institution is required.

Please indicate the title of the book, name of the person responsible for books, and the date when books will be returned to the library.


1. “Side by Side” Book 1 for beginning level students

2. “Side by Side” book 2 for intermediate level students

3. “Perspectives 2000” Intermediate English 1

4. “Changing Times” Integrated approach to reading

5. “Success”. Communicating in English, beginning level

6. “Norton Anthology of American Literature”

7. “Functions of American English” Communication Activities for upper intermediate students

8.  “Interchange 1” Beginning level textbook

9. “Burning Beds & Mermaids” by G.Forman, stories for advanced conversation

10.  Advanced English Grammar

11. “Understanding and Using ENGLISH GRAMMAR” by Betty Schrampfer Azar

12. “Fundamentals of ENGLISH GRAMMAR” by Betty Schrampfer Azar

13. “New American Streamline” Departures for beginning level students

14. “New American Streamline” Connections for intermediate level students

15. “New American Streamline” Destinations for advanced level students

16. “On Your Mark 1” Introductory level textbook

17. “In Contact 1”, “In Contact 2” Beginning level textbook

18. “On Target 1”, “On Target 2” Intermediate level textbook

19. “In Charge 1”, “In Charge 2” Advanced level textbook

20. “Open Sesame” series for children

21. Addison-Wesley readers for children, levels A-D

22. “Weaving it Together” (advanced level reader)

23. Making Your Point (Writing Techniques: Features include authentic readings combined with a process approach and grammar analysis)

24. Modern Impressions (Advanced Writing Communication Text)

25. Tools for Writing (for Intermediate Students)

26. Refining Composition Skills (Rhetorical and Grammar devices aimed for Advanced students)

27. Mastering Writing Essentials (a comprehensive approach to developmental writing problems

28. “Focus on American Culture” ABC News video program

29. U.S. History

30. Metter and Energy ( Laboratory Science Series)


1. “Focus on Business” ABC News video program

2. “Focus on Innovators and Innovations” ABC News video program

3. “Focus on the Environment” ABC News video program

4. “Professional Interactions”. Oral communication skills in science, technology, and medicine

5. “Starting up your own business” expert advice from the U.S. small business administration

6. “Open for business” (Communication activities for students of English)

7. Business Correspondence (memos, faxes, business letters)

8. New International Business English (Upper-Intermediate level)

9. Greening (an environmental reader)

10. Day by Day (English for Employment Communication) Beginner’s level.

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