May 3: Webinar 6.1 – Teacher Talk: Presentation Skills for Teachers by KEVIN MCCAUGHEY!!!!!

English language teachers, future teachers and all interested are invited to participate in the sixth course of The American English Webinar Series, webinar 6.1 “Teacher Talk: Presentation Skills for Teachers” by KEVIN MCCAUGHEY, organized by the Office of English Language Programs, U.S. Department of State.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 3, 3:00-4:00 PM

WHERE: English Teaching Resource Center (ETRC) at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, 2 Skovorody St., Building #3, room 121
CERTIFICATES: If you attend four sessions out of six from the webinar series, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

PARTICIPATION: As the number of work stations that can access the webinars is limited in Ukraine, we invite all those who are interested in participating in The American English Webinar Series to register as members of a viewing group at ETRC.
Have you ever finished a sentence for a student or interrupted a student when she/he was speaking?
Have you ever asked the class a question, and a few seconds later answered it yourself?
The presenter will address these questions as he explores the notions of Teacher Talk Time and Teacher Wait Time. This webinar will also make participants (humorously) aware of some unfortunate teacher presentation habits. The session will counter some of these bad habits with practical tips for speaking in front of groups, whether in your regular class or at a conference. In addition, the presenter will discuss and offer brief advice about conducting student presentations. Teachers will be encouraged to take action to improve their talk time behavior and presentation styles.

Kevin McCaughey is a Regional English Language Officer currently based in Pretoria, South Africa, and is a regular contributor to the American English webinar series. He has offered teacher training workshops and presented at conferences in 30 countries, including Ukraine. In his twenties he played in rock bands, so he knows the importance of a good presentation.
Please sign up in advance to attend the event, by phone (044) 425-77-75, by e-mail:, or send a text message to 067 230-7619.

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