Master Class “Introduction to Self-Defense with Demonstration” by Terry de Chalons on June 27 at 2:30PM!!!

Dear Friends,


We invite you to participate in the following master-class.

NB! Please wear comfortable uniform as the class will take place in a gym!

                                       Tuesday, June 27 from 2:30–4:00PM

                 Master Class “Introduction to Self-Defense with Demonstration”

Presenter: Terry de Chalons is a former military man and bodyguard, resident here in Kiev. Currently, he works as a freelance journalist and teacher of English and French. His hobbies include kickboxing and poetry.

Every day we face the risk of being attacked by the street robbers, home intruders, rapists and violent persons of other sort. If you, your relative or a friend are attacked, you have a right to ward off an attack by using a force. According to the terms of law, the reasonable use of force somebody need for protection against the use of unlawful force by other person, is called “self-defense”. Terry will teach you some of the most effective methods of self-defense as Situational Awareness, the Element of Surprise, some elements of Martial Arts, Non-lethal Weapons and others, and you can practice some of them.
With a bit of knowledge and a little effort, you can ensure that you and your loved ones aren’t the easiest targets around.

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